Monday, August 15, 2005

my hands smell like bleach and I have bug juice mix ingrained into the skin of my fingers. camp ended ten hours ago and I miss my sleeping bag already. not to mention the racoons and, of course, the gremlins running around everywhere. some highlights of the summer...

- chickenless salad. the most vile substance ever. EVER.

- my kids streaking across the sports fields in the middle of the night

- the time the racoons unlocked tupperware containers and ate, among other things, sharpies, play-doh, hand lotion, and my swiss chocolate

- the super-racoons that were utterly fearless and tried to dodge us to get at the garbage as we chased them with brooms

- when the entire camp sang 'you are my sunshine' to me because I refused to stand up during lunch and sing to them myself

- hanging a bearbag in an outhouse

-singeing the residual hair off my legs while trying to light an msr stove

- pee laundry at 5am

- one of my kids puking up the rice waldorf that we were making her eat because she thought it was gross. rice waldorf is the cheesecake of dehydrated food.

- trekking 8 eleven-year-olds across a log onto an island to bury a time capsule, watching the log break, and having the CITs carry all 8 kids back on their shoulders as I stood there peeing my pants and hoping to god the camp director wouldn't make an appearance

I'm going to try sleeping in a real bed tonight. if all else fails, I can always pitch a tent in my backyard.

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