Thursday, September 15, 2005

"triumph over time and live as long as you please: death eternal will still be waiting for you."

un petit morceau of optimism to start out the semester. montaigne proceeds to enlighten us by explaining that it is only at death, when we cease to exist, that we are deemed happy. you should be indifferent to both your death and everybody else's, since a non-existent being cannot lament, rejoice, suffer, philosophize, etc.

in other words, I may as well drop all my courses, hold up a chocolate factory, and hitchhike across canada until I find a suitable location to pitch my hammock and live off the spoils - rather than death-marching my protesting neurons through another ten years of school just to delay a few people their moment of true bliss and escape into nonexistence.

I think philosophy courses are a bad idea.


kt said...

you seem bright and happy today. shall i have people in your classes assasinated so you can get a spot?

bishi said...

do that, and you may eat my first child.

kt said...

aww! that's so sweet!

Molly said...

You know that because of who I am, I HAVE to say this... That comment was ABSURD! There is Life Eternal after death, we are living on a cursed earth. Heaven and our senses thereafter will be exceedingly increased and things will be like never before. Bliss after death? Yes, I do agree. But nothing after death? That's where I protest! (yet the whole taking over a chocolate factory, swinging in your hammock thing- not at all a bad idea! tell me when and where and I'll be there!)
Luv Your tree huggin' life lovin' friend,