Tuesday, March 07, 2006

it's so short!

donated 10 inches of hair this afternoon, and it's now sitting slightly above my shoulders. it feels so light when I shake my head. maybe tomorrow I'll miss it... but today, I'm excited over how much I'm going to save on shampoo and the fact that I can lean over my plate to eat without my hair eating too.

pictures coming soon!


Molly said...

Alright- since hypocracy isn't really my thing I can't say anything bad about it. All I can say is Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? So yea, need to see some pics. Talk to ya later!
Hiking buddy,

hutchie said...

you could just not wash your hair and then you would save even more money. just a thought.

best use of forks, rubber bands, and quarters would be to build a teleportation device.

kt said...
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kt said...


i leave for a few days and this is what happens!?!

wow hutchie - if you could do that you'd be just like macgyver... wicked!