Monday, March 27, 2006

sometimes my brain doesn't work so well.

like now. came on here with something to say, but it's gone now.

I cooked three meals this weekend. spaghetti times two, rice and eggs times one. actually, I got some help with the rice. and the eggs. but I haven't made a meal out of goldfish and cranberry juice in three days. can't help wondering if that's the reason for today's stomachache... maybe my system is meant to ride on snackfood after all.

1017 words into bioethics essay no. 4. I'm starting to reconsider my thesis.

now back to work.


kt said...

wow - you can cook?!? i'm totally taking advantage of that this summer!


bishi said...

if by 'cook' you mean add water, stir, and eat out of the pot - then yupppers, I'm all over it.

kt said...

good enough for me. you remember what happened at my aunt's house when we tried to make pancakes, right?

oh - how was your test?