Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the world is spinning and it needs to STOP! sometimes it tilts to the left, sometimes it goes in circles. currently feeling as though I'm perpetually falling backwards. I'm seasick, but there's no boat to escape.

ever try to write a paper on the psychometric properties of standardized autism assessments while on a ship in choppy water? maybe I'll go to bed and pretend it's going to stop tomorrow. after two weeks of spinning, that would be nice.


kt said...

uh, dude - are you okay? i know when i get ear infections i get really spinny... take some advil cold and sinus, yo. and call me about this weekend, eh?

Molly said...

Hey there- I would ask how you're doing but according to the last post not so well. Sorry to hear that. Just wanted to say hiya, its been a while and I miss ya! Take care and stop eating so much chickenless salad (that's probably why you're so sick!).
-bear hugs,