Friday, June 09, 2006

thinking about going to the doctor. it's been over a month since the back started hurting and I still can't bend over. or walk, or, most importantly, kick a soccer ball. while I was volunteering at the hospital today, a patient gave me some advise: "if something hurts, go to the doctor. don't keep telling yourself it will go away. I should have done that three years ago. and now look here I am!" she just had a foot amputated.

on a brighter note, super excited about next year's courses. so many delightful new ways to kill off brain cells! here's the list so far...

human anatomy
social psych (required)
psychobiology lab
physiology & psychology of emotion
health psychology
roman society and culture
greek society and culture

and two 400-level seminars. fortunately, the psych department is pulling a classic u of t move and not offering most 400-level courses next year. I really wanted to take game theory too... another reason for me to blame u of t for all my life's problems.

gonna spend every day in the library next year. yep. every day.

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