Monday, July 31, 2006

almost 72 hours without internet. it's almost as bad as that incredibly painful first week of second year... the week I crashed my computer and could do nothing but plead with the blue screen of death and play solitare in safe mode. to a hermit such as myself, the internet is like the perfect study partner: a wealth of information, both pertinent and not, silent when asked to be, and an unabating distraction. I have never been so grateful for robarts!

wrote my last practice mcat on saturday. classes are ending and the real thing is less than three weeks away. I will have to sink deeper, if possible, into my batcave if I don't want to do this again. hopefully I can escape the wrath of my friends and family that long. people keep calling and asking if I am dead - my parents, for instance. I'm already planning out what to do during my two weeks of summer vacation. most of it has to do with sprawling in the hammock and raiding the refrigerator.

adieu, internet... until we meet again!

**and good-bye, gaius, the prettiest and spunkiest cartoon-fish ever!**

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