Thursday, November 09, 2006

the reality of life at the university of toronto

the following pictures were taken between 10pm and 4am on a saturday night. yes, we were studying. yes, we spent the night in sid smith. yes, the streetmeat stand on st. george was still open.

hardworking physiology students losing touch with reality. we have drawn a brain and located the frontal lobe, hypothalamus, pons, brainstem, cerebellum, thalamus and your mom.

oh, gabby. hasn't four years of university taught you anything? a mere chair cannot bring down the great u of t. most likely, neither would drought, famine, stock market crash, nuclear war or alien invasion.

sleep is my preferred way of dealing with the torment of continuous learning, too. but don't sleep too long. the evil masterminds overseeing the operation at robarts find it easiest to fiddle with your brain when you're unconscious.

keep on truckin', my friends. it's only another seven months until we get our lives back.

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