Monday, January 08, 2007

back in the t-dot. back in the land of 3-hour prison break marathons, fried food six days a week and high-speed internet that's actually high-speed. the heat's finally on and I'm slowing regaining feeling in my toes. starting out the semester with a full fridge of food and, with any luck, a full night's sleep.

I went to church tonight. gabby's catholic church. voluntarily. I've never been to a catholic church before. I thought they would give the sermon in latin, but everything was in english. and it was spoken, not sung, as in the anglican church I attended once. there was quite a bit of singing, but they don't belt it out like presbyterians do. I'm still slightly confused about why there were four priests and who exactly came up with the idea of everyone drinking out of the same cup. a virus breeding fest. and apparently they do communion every week! religion eludes me.

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kt said...

only you would look at religion and see germs. p.s.: i'm in brampton today (monday) until later tonight, but i still need to give you your damn present, woman! call me around 9-ish.