Sunday, February 04, 2007

does illness impair free will? to have free will is to have the ability to make choices and act upon them. the choices made by a person suffering either physical or mental illness are influenced by that illness. body and mind are intertwined. for example, there is a well-documented correlation between cancer and depression. if a person is diagnosed with cancer - a physical illness - and subsequently develops major depression - a mental illness - is his choice to stay in bed all day instead of going out a result of his physical illness-induced mental illness or a demonstration of true free will?

free will is an absolute phenomenon; if hindered, it ceases to exist. the loss of free will implicates a source of control external to the individual's self. what regulates an ill person's behaviour if not himself? society. society defines normal and abnormal functioning. an individual is mentally ill when his behaviour prevents him from functioning as society expects. a socially-constructed pathology, therefore, is responsible for influencing the decision-making process and restricting free will.

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