Thursday, February 01, 2007


according to judeo-christian tradition, the leviathan is a demon sea monster, one of two contrieved by God on the fifth day of creation. she represents the forces of chaos that existed before the dawn of time and all that wars against God's kingdom.

"canst thou draw out a leviathan with a hook or press down its tongue with a cord? canst thou put a hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a bridle ring? will he make many supplications to thee? will he speak soft words to thee? will he make a covenant with thee? to take him for thy servant forever? will thou play with him as with a bird?" no, but I might stick bright red in his face and watch him seize in rage.

the talmud tells of how the end of all conflict will be celebrated with the slaying of the leviathan. God will construct canopies out of her skin and beneath them, the richeous will feast on her flesh. fortunately, I'm not into ritual slaying of betas. welcome to the fold, leviathan. may you have a long, angry, trauma-free life.

oh. and I believe leviathan is a he. hopefully he doesn't mind being named after a she-demon. maybe that's why he's glaring at me with that evil beta-grin. and beating his fins. oh god. he's staring at my jungular. he may kill me in my sleep.

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