Sunday, April 29, 2007

the only thing worse than studying fifteen hours a day is studying death for fifteen hours a day. childhood depression and suicide all morning; psychological ramifications of death across the lifespan all afternoon. I'm so happy right now.

in my health psych textbook, there's a chart somewhere between the death in young adulthood and euthanasia sections that helps you calculate your estimated personal longevity. I was happy to see that no mention of fruits/vegetables made the list and that sleeping more than nine hours a day subtracts five years from your life. however, keeping your house thermostat no higher than 68 F seems to add two years, which is slightly counterintuitive, especially when everyone knows the temperature inside no building should ever dip below 75 F. maybe this is a covert way of trying to get us to conserve electricity. I'll study by candlelight, dude, just don't turn down my heat.

apparently, I'm going to live to 104. that's alright by me. I'd prefer to be cremated - go out in one last burst of warmth. besides, I don't want to rot. I'm going to have chopin's funeral march played at my funeral, because it makes me laugh. and maybe the sabre dance, just because.

dude, exams need to be over. now. it's a good thing I am basically happy and content with my life (add five years).

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