Friday, May 18, 2007

life with g-blob and l-chromosome, day 2...

"can you nuke a dragon?"

this little spark of insight was mine. we had been discussing police chases and who really deserves props - the criminal who gets away or the cop who chases him two miles at a sprint wearing a bullet proof vest and a packed utility belt. that led to a discussion on the relative benefits of kevlar versus mithril body armor. as we hypothesized potentially stronger alternatives, geoffrey suggested dragon scales. "are dragons bullet proof?" he asked in all seriousness.

a good question. have dragons and firearms ever appeared simultaneously in the stories? dragon scales deflect arrows, but bullets travel with a much higher velocity, even if their force is spread out over a greater surface area. which brings me to the question: can you nuke a dragon?

nope. that's my guess. they spit fire, after all. their skin deflects arrows. and I'm willing to bet they're immune to neutron radiation. it's a theory that needs to be tested.

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Cybil said...

Good words.