Thursday, June 14, 2007

fluffernutter. its the word of choice 'round these parts.

fluffernutter refers to a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. fluff, for those benighted canuks among us who are unfamiliar with that most delectable of all highly-sugared substances, is marshmellow spread. best with peanut butter, but also good on ice cream, with nutella, on pancakes, or straight from the jar first thing in the morning.

but stop to think about it, and you will find that fluffernutter is quite a versitile word. it can be uttered, for instance, when one walks into a doorframe in one's grandmother's living room and does not wish to use a more descriptive expletive, as it is a well-known fact that grandmothers are to be protected from such horrors. alternatively, it can be used to remind a younger brother of his limited mental capacity. when you walk outside and see him standing upside-down on the lawn, "geoffrey, you are a fluffernutter" would be the appropriate response. the maternal unit even responded to "hey, fluffernutter?" this evening.

fluffernutter can also be used to describe the altered state of mind that results from too much adrenaline. for example, my brain while I am playing the piano in front of an audience. characterized by random bursts of panic, few words, extraneous thoughts about supper and rabbits and a future lamenting over what might have been. fluffernutter brain turns music into fluffernutter, which makes you feel fluffernutter.

piano exam: friday. piano recital: sunday. gradumination: monday. fluffernutter. the possibilities are endless.

oh yes, and fluffernutter himself:

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kt said...

dude, tell your fraternal unit that he is totally doing a legit capoeira move in that photo.

i call it "the handstand of ultimate death".