Friday, August 17, 2007

a few days ago I paid a visit to my second-favourite building in buffalo.

though known to the greater public as the old central terminal, it's known to me as The Behemith, a deserted and decaying relic of the days when buffalo was a thriving metropolis. like most of the city's abandoned buildings with a claim to historical significance, signs indicate that The Behemith is 'under reconstruction'. unlike most, however, it is actually under reconstruction. this is unfortunate. the presence of construction workers and security guards put a serious damper on the venture.

attached to the monolithic component of the terminal is a series of what were once warehouses, I think. no trespassing signs are posted, but if they really meant it there would be fences, right? so this is what one of the big warehouses looks like inside:

it's full of light, thanks to the skylights along the top level, and old sneakers, sleeping bags and mattress bits, thanks to the vagrants who camp out in the little rooms breaking off along the right and were - fortunately - not in the day of my visit. most of the little rooms lead onto an overgrown train platform. there's one closet, though, just short of the bathrooms, where an iron ladder leads to the second level of the building.

since it was bolted to the wall and everything, and since it didn't collapse when I gave it a couple good shakes, I decided to check out the view from upstairs. I walked along the pathway (you can see a bit of it in the upper left of the second picture) until I looked down at my feet and discovered I could see the ground floor between them, through holes I'm pretty sure weren't a part of the building's original design.

and then there was a dark tunnel... but I'd better stop there. if the units ever read this, they'll be liable to send me off to england with a tracking device.

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