Wednesday, September 05, 2007

15 days to go! my student visa arrived this morning. apart from the heinous picture, it's super pretty.

third last weekend this side of the pond passed fantabulously. collected gabbo, hutchie and juliet from niagara falls bright and early saturday morning and went for a hike down the niagara gorge.

some of this was involved.

followed by a bit of this.

and a whole lot of this.

we stopped at the olive garden before proceeding downtown. I took them to a location whose identity cannot be disclosed here. hey, they asked for it. when I asked where they wanted to go, hutchie said, "I don't know, whatever's the most adventurous." many pictures along this line ensued:

then I ran out of film, gabby's hands swelled up, and I got a sliver in my foot that later did things a sliver wound does not typically do and made me vow never to go urban exploring in flip-flops again. we stopped at the erie basin marina to scour our hands and have a look at the bit of downtown buffalo that is not covered in tetanus and crime scene tape, before concluding the day at an event that is as near and dear to the hearts of every buffalonian as the snowplow: the national chicken wing festival!

for a couple days in early september each year, the dunn tire park (the baseball stadium) becomes home to representatives from local restaurants/bars/etc. known for their chicken wings. a huge chunk of western new york turns up to sample the various sauces and flavours with the vigour of a herd of ravenous lions. half a million wings were consumed over the two-day period this year. we gluttonized successfully. gabby acquired a new hero - a 100 lb. asian girl who won kicked twelve generous male arses to win the chicken wing eating competition, eating 5.17 lbs. of wings in 12 minutes. in gabby's words, "my tummy was very happy... we all know that in the end... that's all that matters."


kt said...

super jealous! i wish i could have come - it sounds like you guys had a blaaaast.

what day are you leaving? do you have a webcam or something?

Tiffany said...

Gabby ate over 5 lbs of chicken wings???!!? Dude! That's a lot of wings. Sounds like you had fun, I ebjoy your description of downtown Buffalo.