Wednesday, October 10, 2007

everything looks so much prettier in the british countryside.

take a tree, for instance. there are lots of pine trees north of lake superior and they're very pretty. there are lots of maple trees in tonawanda, and they're pretty too (except when they've lost half their branches due to excessive winter weather activity at an inappropriate time of year). but look at this tree. that perfectly round one right at the top of the bottom left quadrant. anywhere else, it would just be a tree. here, it's different.

now take a patch of grass. there's grass in pennsylvania. there's grass in ohio. but the grass here brings a whole new meaning to the word. and it's not just because of the strange turf-like quality it has from the constant nibbling of sheep. british grass is prettier just because it's british.

finally, take a sheep. there aren't many sheep in western new york. there aren't many sheep in southern ontario, either. one time, I put my hand out to pet a sheep and he stole my mitten. british sheep would never steal mittens. they're too busy trimming the grass so hikers have somewhere to walk, and they're too busy singing. british sheep love to sing. just like the ringing of cowbells is everywhere when you hike in switzerland, the singing of sheep is everywhere when you hike in england.

(you have to blow up the picture to see the sheep. little white dots equal sheep. close-ups on next roll of film.)

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