Monday, October 01, 2007

today is the first day of classes. we had a short meeting this morning instead of statistics class, so I have until 2pm to watch the construction workers outside my window play soccer with their bulldozer-shovel things.

yesterday, my last day of summer vacation, was the first day since I've been in this country that it didn't rain at all. this was probably because it was the first day I brought a coat and umbrella exploring. and that was possible because I finally have my trunk! I broke down saturday morning and took a taxi to pick it up myself. now I have clothes and dishes and blankets and cap'n jack! as of yesterday, I also have hot water in the shower and as of this morning, heat in my room. I'm really hoping it isn't temporary this time.

they have this type of cereal here called oatibix, a flaky, oaty, tastless substance in the shape of shredded wheat. it's not too bad if you cover it in yogurt or strawberry jam. I just tried it with milk, and now I have a bowl-full of conglomerated fiber the texture of cookie dough. my tummy is shuddering. maybe I'll take a hike to the camera store instead of eating breakfast...

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kt said...

first day of class, and you've already stopped eating.

hehe, nothing ever changes.