Sunday, November 25, 2007

day 4: stratford-upon-avon to shef.

alas. no pictures for day 4 as of yet.

rise and shine at crack o' dawn. look out window and give squeal of delight because everything appears to be covered in snow. breakfast, put three layers of clothes on top of pjs. there's no snow outside, just really thick frost.

hike into town takes twice as long as normal because the english countryside is oh-so-pretty when covered in thick frost and I have a brand-new roll of film in my camera. trek all the way across stratford, out the other side and into the 'burbs to see anne hathaway's cottage. thatched roof! and no heat!

(insert many pictures of thatched roof covered in frost...)

back to town. lunch (plain bread - out of nutella) and gift shopping, a painful venture for someone with an emotional attachment to her money. some more wandering. some chilling by the river and begging the ducks to pose nicely for a picture. use telephoto lens to spy on people sitting along opposite side of river. cackle. eat hobnobs. freeze.

report to courtyard theatre for free tour. this is a temporary theatre while the big one is under construction. 90% of it is recyclable. we get to run around on stage and watch the henry IV actors have a meeting with their director. we also get to wander about backstage and are passed by henry V, who looks remarkably like dr. chase...

arrive at train station a wee bit early because everywhere heated closes at sundown. everything including the train station. freeze. and freeze.

the place where you live never feels so much like home until you leave and come back. so it's exciting to arrive back in sheffield! I can get all the way from the railway station to my bed without getting lost. and it even seems a bit warmer outside.

day 4: complete.

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