Thursday, January 24, 2008

done with the longest essay of my life! (so far) 4,135 words and I hereby conclude that it is impossible for a private emotional state to be transferred from one individual to another through a public medium such as music.

next on the list: 33-page statistics assignment. question 7 and I'm already stumped. "are there any basic flaws in any of these 5 analyses, and any alternative analyses that we should consider performing?" yeah, there's a basic flaw. the data you're analyzing is occupational psychology-related. any alternative analyses? why yes, now you mention it. you need to analyze whoever's brain puked up the idea of an entire field dedicated to occupational psychology and smite his ruin upon the mountainside. then you need to rewrite this stupid assignment with some actual psychology. questions about memory or attention or brain-damaged people or something that might be vaguely useful to me!

k, I'm done.

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kt said...

smite his ruin upon the mountaintop!! YEAASSSSSS!! SMITE HIM GOOD~!

sorry. reading that made me happy all over.