Wednesday, January 16, 2008

no sugar for bish today. ever get super painful bumps on your tongue? especially after burning it or chomping down and making it bleed? (cause I know the whole world wants to know about the condition of my mouth.) the m.u. says they are caused and aggravated by an excess of sugar. she says the same about canker sores, which tend to appear whenever I stab myself with my toothbrush. like I did a couple days ago. I'm pretty sure nothing but pure bliss can come out of an excess of sugar, but since I can't really move my mouth today without a needle-like pain somewhere, I'm giving her theory a shot.

it's 10:40. I've been up for two hours and haven't eaten any sugar.

now it's 10:41. I've been up for two hours and one minute and still haven't eaten any sugar.

well, except for the chocolate chips in my bowl of weetabix, but that doesn't count.

my future is bleak. I may enter a hypoglycemic coma before noon.

if I die from a lack of hobnobs and chocolate, I hope I go to heaven and I hope it looks like this:

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kt said...

my god woman, you and sugar is like me and coke! disturbing at best.

your postcard is on the way to the UK. also, if that's your heaven i guess you don't want to visit me in oz then, eh? *sadface*