Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've decided what my next school should be.

up until yesterday, I thought u of t was the prettiest university I'd ever seen. now I'm not so sure. cambridge may just have it beat. cambridge has a music store with signs that say 'please play me' on their pretty grand pianos. it has a market square with vendors who don't mind if you take pictures of their veg.

it has a river.

u of t has a river too, but it doesn't have punting boats. no, u of t students have to ford their river to get to class, though it sometimes freezes over. remember this?

cambridge has gothic buildings made of stone, with massive halls, stained glass windows and courtyards. this is king's college from above.

u of t has gothic buildings made of stone, with massive halls and courtyards too. but while this is what you find in the center of u of t's courtyards...

at cambridge you find this...

nerdsville - I mean - cambridge, uk. it's like u of t all grown up.

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