Wednesday, May 14, 2008

among my least favourite things in this world is the literature search. I hate the lies. I hate the deceit. I hate that typing in the search terms 'music organization memory' gives me 80 hits, none of which are accessible in the full text without clicking on 13 links, being redirected to the same useless page six times and banging my head against the desk in frustration because the journal of cognitive neuroscience is clearly one a top research university would subscribe to, so why, for the love of god, are you telling me it's not?

I have a 30-page lit review due in a few weeks. I don't even have a concept of what 30 pages means. my dissertation topic, the modularity of music in memory, is too narrow. memory for music is too broad. searching for the organisation of music in memory yields 80 hits, as mentioned, few relevant and fewer available in the full text.

I made a batch of brownies from mix mailed all the way from vancouver by kelly. they helped, but they're gone now and I still have 30 pages to write. went for a 20+ mile hike on sunday and took lots of pictures of lambs. that helped too, but I now have 30 pages to write and a bunch of pictures of lambs to distract me.

what are you looking at? we've already done our lit reviews.

literature? c'est quoi?

I'll not have your whinging around my baby! out, or I'll lit review your camera!

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kt said...

I laughed myself to death reading this post. especially the "we've already done our lit review" part. HILARIOUS. i think i might have to print this photo with the caption and put it up on my desk at the faculty for encouragement.

(i'm also hating and despising my lit review right now. journals are tres evil.)