Sunday, May 04, 2008

there are few things in this world as disturbing as listening to your own voice. spent the evening transcribing a couple interviews I conducted as part of a research methods project. it was almost as painful as listening to a recording of myself performing a piece I know I messed up on.

I squirmed every time I heard myself speak. do I really sound like that? is my voice really that high? am I really that quiet? am I imagining it, or do I really manage to squeeze both american and canadian accents into the same sentence?

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kt said...

dude, i know EXACTLY what i mean. i have a lot of trouble with the sound of my own voice in recordings. i can't believe that everything i say is dripping with so much sarcasm and hate. my god!

but if it makes you feel better at all, i don't think your voice is high at all. i rather enjoy listening to it.