Wednesday, May 28, 2008

things that I have written today:

Recognition tasks may tap the integrated representations stored in memory while recall tasks test the independent processing streams.

In auditory space, distance between pitches is not linear.

mind control.

Music reading activates the dorsal visual stream, which processes spatial information, as well as the ventral visual stream, which processes temporal information (Bengtsson & Ullén, 2005).


telling you would be a breech of copyright, and I'd have to kill you. then hang you out to dry by the sinews.

will you get me an ECT machine for christmas? pretty please with a glow-in-the-dark stethoscope on top?

Performance on the serial-reaction-time (SRT) task, which also involves visual presentation of stimuli, provides evidence for the existence of integrated spatial and temporal representations and the influence of temporal context on pitch perception and memory.

dude, if you had dead bodies hidden under your bed, wouldn't you have a play too?

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