Tuesday, June 10, 2008

every once in a while, when the planets align and the fates are in a right cheerful mood, the sun comes out in south yorkshire. and sometimes, sometimes, when zeus and hera call it a truce and even the leprechauns are feeling generous, this happens to coincide with a day that I have no work to do.

after several weeks of social reclusiveness, we've finally finished the last of our master's coursework! I'm turning in about 60 pages of written work this week. all that's left now is our dissertations and, hopefully, a whole lot of this...

barefoot hiking in the peaks!

a bit of blue in my otherwise green existence.

we're well happy to be free of coursework!

that second one is me, by the way. my camera was confiscated and I was made to demonstrate my flying skills, which are awesome. like my lit review and like england. england is awesome too.

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