Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what's the evolutionary significance of our extraordinary music abilities? do monkeys and chimps perceive and remember music or are those capabilities limited to humans?

this was a question posed to me by one of my professors today as I finished presenting my masters project - the one investigating pitch and time relations in memory. the one that has nothing to do with evolution or monkeys or chimps or any other non-human primates besides undergraduates.

"I have no idea", I said. then the audience laughed, and I came home and plotted my revenge over chips and yogurt.

I will smite you all, my pretties, from my lair atop the dreaded kinder scout.

then I will bury your bodies in mass graves marked with warped headstones. and I will call you my children.

kidding. it wasn't that bad. apparently it went alright, according to my coursemates. I wouldn't know; I was much too high on adrenaline to have any sort of awareness of the situation. I do know that it was 10pm before the nervous juices had dispersed enough so I could eat. so I won't smite all of you. I'll spare the dude down the street who fills my belly with chips for only £1. all hail chippy dude.

tomorrow I leave for scotland. scotland! back 6th august. I need to pack.

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kt said...

congrats on finishing, babe!! and take me to scotland with youuuuuuuuuuu....