Sunday, August 10, 2008

our varied and life-altering adventures in scotland last week included natasha's and my big screen debut. the journey to fame is not an easy one. there are trials. there are tribulations. there are mountains to climb. and what mountains they are!

well, mountain. actually more of a hill. but the fact that we woke up at 7:30am to climb it - an hour at which no self-respecting student should ever be conscious - adds at least 1000 feet. it's called arthur's seat, and from the top you can see all of edinburgh and beyond.

the path up is a bit on the steep and slippery side. but with lots of whinging from natasha, and lots of pleading, cajoling, trickery and physical dragging from me, we both made it to the top.

which is where we met the film crew. they were shooting footage for a documentary on scotland that's meant to come out next year. they asked us to stand at the edge of the cliff and take pictures, and they told us to have our agents give them a ring.

then I handed over my baby and the guy doing the filming took some pictures of us.

natasha and I got our pictures taken by a professional photographer for free. on top of a mountain in scotland.

I'll be on hand for autographs tomorrow morning...

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