Friday, September 19, 2008

the triffids have arrived.

tall, jaunty and the most obscenely bright shade of yellow perceivable by the human eye, they have lain dormant beneath the earth's surface since long before you were even a glint in your parents' eyes.

but they're awake now.

and they agree with you. yes, you. they think you're right. because what you think is what a triffid thinks and what a triffid thinks is what you think.

it's called mind-control.

so call out the coast guard. raise the flags. shine your shoes and floss your teeth. dig out your sunglasses, because now is the time of the triffid.

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kt said...

ahhhh bish - your photos made me simultaneously happy and homesick. i love these pics. the second one is my desktop background now. you are le awesome.