Monday, October 13, 2008

I live in a hovel.

a large, city-shaped hovel with more potholes than inhabitable houses, fewer operating businesses than one-way streets and approximately the same number of abandoned buildings as roads under permanent construction.

the other day, I went down to the buffalo end of main street to pick up a job application. I drove up and down the street a few times, but I couldn't get to the building because of the construction that began the year I was born. so I decided to drive around the block and try to park at the rear of the building...

but I got a bit turned around. I drove through the rich bit, where we used to have our piano recitals, through the projects, at which point I shut the windows and locked the doors, into a large plaza, which was entirely vacant except for small settlements located inside the potholes, and ended up heading east on the 33 into cheektowaga. I exited just short of the airport, turned around, and tried again.

once I got going the right direction down main street, which took a couple tries, I decided to park at the rite aid a few doors down from the building I was trying to get to and walk from there. if the car got stolen and I got mugged? well, I could make it home on foot in a few hours, assuming I wasn't murdered on the way.

I studiously ignored the signs that said 'parking for rite aid customers only; all others will be towed' and I tried to ignore the human item that was walking around my car and watching me. I couldn't tell if it was a she with facial hair or a he with she-parts. I also couldn't tell if it was waiting for me to leave so it could call the cops and get my (parents') car towed, or waiting for me to leave so it could follow me and mug, rape and/or shoot me.

so I waited.

and I waited some more.

then I gave up and went to the park to go for a hike and take pictures of the pretty leaves.

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