Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I was poking about at the falls yesterday.

I walked across the bridge and overheard part of the interrogation a nervous-looking family was enduring at customs. "do you work for the FBI? the CIA?" the officer was asking. "are you part of the secret service? why else would you lie and say you're a technologist when you're not?"

I was standing about where that picture was taken and someone asked me "where is niagara falls?" in the t-dot, we used to joke that we should pretend to be dumb american tourists and go around asking for directions to canada and the igloos. but this guy was totally serious. "which one's niagara falls and which one's american falls?" he wanted to know. I gave him a geography lesson.

some people go to niagara falls to see the falls. me, I go to see the stupid tourists.

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