Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my little bother came home for a visit this weekend. he didn't come to visit us. the purpose of the trip was to cheer on a friend in his first bodybuilding competition. (bodybuilding. as in men muscled to the point of deformity parading nekkidish around a stage, striking poses.) anywho. with a bit of persuasion, a few direct orders and a threat or two, the units convinced him to sleep and take most of his meals here.

we played piano duets and frisbee. watched transformers. ate some of the last of my british chocolate and evaluated george sampson's head-spinning technique. I did his laundry.

and then he hopped back on the bus bound for syracuse. it's strange being the sibling left at home while everyone else is away. I feel like the bum kid. you know, the one who spends her days and nights in her old bedroom at the parents' house, plucking away on the computer and watching movies. eating mom's homecooking every night and picking out the veggies.

oh wait. I do spend my days and nights in my old bedroom at the parents' house, plucking away on the computer, watching movies and picking the veg out of my mom's homecooking. schisse.

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