Thursday, January 01, 2009

ahhh, silence.

the family has departed - the parental units and brothers to new brunswick and the sister back to the big apple. the house very clean, apart from the stack of dirty dishes and the pile of skiing equipment, and very quiet. it's like living on my own again, except the fridge has food in it and laundry doesn't cost five quid.


gone the way of the dodo.

I took this one to the airport at 4:30 tuesday morning. don't tell her I posted this photo on the internet or she'll flay me. alive. then cut me into one-inch thick strips and hang me on a clothesline.

yesterday, my first day of solitude, was spent as god intended the last day of the year to be spent - skiing. afterwards, I unfrosted my toes, had pizza and candy canes for dinner, watched the ball drop from under a pile of blankets on my friend's couch and crashed approximately 20 minutes after midnight.

today, my second day of freedom - sorry, solitude - was spent as god intended the first day of the year to be spent - skiing.

tomorrow will be spend as god intended the second day of the year to be spent. details left as an exercise for the reader. if you need a clue, it involves snow and strapping long metal planks to your feet.

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