Monday, February 16, 2009

cleaning out my closet. found some old school notebooks under a stack of beginner cello music.

october 3rd, 1991

on tuesday I am going Brownies and my Mommy sas I am allrady a Brownies My sister sas chl eat me.

october 18th, 1991 (after being sick in the hospital)

I am happy happy to be bak at school because I Love school and my teachers and I oallso Love my school spachale Ashley

march 2, 1992

Today I am happy because on Friday Daddy fowned a mouse. I had just got out of the bath tub. he prably sa more of me then anybody als. he looked it me and wainged it me twic!!!!!

february 5th, 1993

Dear Journal,

Last week we had our Valentine's Day party and watched Fern Gully. We made log Cabins.

There's alot of snow all over the place.

Today on the way to school Pam my sister and I were doing our fok dances. Plus a song to go with it. I ran all the way to school. Because Pam was trying to hit me with her lunch box.

and imagine. I eventually learned enough spelling and grammar to write a master's thesis.

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