Saturday, July 18, 2009

finally reporting from the great down under, where I am no longer a homeless vagrant, but a real live person with an address and bath towels and everything! well, almost everything. notable exceptions include a heater and food. massive sigh. you can travel all over the world, but some unshakable certainties remain the same.

I really like australia. I like the houses. I also like having a house to live in rather than a bed in a dorm with three other people who sleep all day and drink all night and make a lot of noise transitioning between the two.

I like the beaches. I like this beach especially because it reminds me of BLTs with enough bacon to reconstitute an entire pig and the fact that I've chased katie out of the country. ha! haha!

I like the wildlife. especially the muskrat-sized bats, the colourful birdies and the baby crocodile I got to hold at the international orientation at uni yesterday. his name was dr. crunch.

I like the sunshine, which is bright and hot despite the winter season. I like it even though it sears my retinas and threatens to give me eight kinds of skin cancer. I don't have a picture of the sun. sorry.

now I'm going to see if I also like my bed. I think the chances are pretty good.

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kt said...

maybe i chased YOU out of the country. you ever think of that??

no one ever made the gong look so good in photos. hoorah!