Monday, September 28, 2009

Haven't written much lately. Here, that is. I've written much elsewhere. Last week I wrote a methodological analysis for the assessment of musical imagery. Sweated over all 3500 words of it. Then I sent it to my primary supervisor and hoped she wouldn't rescind my scholarship and deport me.

It's a concern I often have and one I hope to abandon in time.

Tomorrow I meet with all three of my supervisors at once, for the first time. Not sure how it's going to go, but I'm envisioning a sort of firing squad. It's the seasoned old professor I'm most concerned about. If the others are carrying nice tidy handguns, he'll turn up with a missile launcher. Blow my head right off with questions I don't understand and can't answer. He seems like a nice guy, but very intellectually intimidating.

With any luck they won't kick me out. Then I will come home and buy some ice cream to eat with the passion fruit someone brought in for me today. Apparently the passion fruit is an Australian phenomenon that I have to experience. As it is neither a banana nor a green apple I will experience it with some trepidation, but in the name of Expanding my Horizons, experience it I shall, nonetheless.

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