Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two years ago, I sat down with my mom and we each wrote a list of 100 things we thought everybody should have a chance to do in their lives.

From my list:

#4) Ride a dogsled.
#6) Go ice fishing.
#7) Ride the Polar Bear Express across Northern Ontario.
#30) Drive a zamboni.
#88) Go hiking in the Himalayas.

January 2010. Does this count?


Did you know that cockroaches fly? I didn't know that cockroaches fly. I didn't until the other night, when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. There was a roach on the wall and I was keeping an eye on it, as you do when you're sharing the room with an insect the size of your thumb, when out of the blue it launched an attack at my stomach. I may have run shrieking from the bathroom like a little girl.

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zubaidah said...

in my room, have a lizard that always staring at me while i'm in front of mirror..huhu
actually, at first i feel weird but everyday he will be there..hehe
its OK if he doesn't come close to me...