Friday, July 30, 2010

A bit of a depressing week is what you get when you sit through a 3.5 hour coach ride and lug 70 or so pounds of equipment all the way to Canberra to run your experiment in hopes of finally, after four months, finishing data collection, only to (a) have a grand total of zero expert musicians turn up and (b) find that three of your five anticipated novices are really non-musicians. Got home late last night, tired and hungry and with stacks of work to do to prepare for today's teaching and supervisor meetings, and discovered that the fridge had broken and everyone's food had gone off.

So I had tea and plain SAO crackers for dinner and got to work. When I finally got to bed in the wee hours of the morning, shivering cold but without my hot water bottle (having still not forgiven it for the 2nd degree burn it gave me earlier this week), the cat crawled in with me. Like, crawled under the covers, curled up against my stomach and purred us both to sleep. I've never lived with a cat before. I didn't know they did that...

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