Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It appears we've taken a step backwards, as I am once again buried under a quilt, a sleeping bag and an electric heating blanket and wishing that my one pair of warm socks didn't have a hole on the right toe.

Someone forgot to tell the maintenance guys at uni that the temperature dropped again, as the air con was going full blast all day. Even my friends agreed that it was "properly cold". This is in contrast to "Laura cold", the range of temperatures at which everyone strips down to shorts and t-shirts and sweats in the sun except Laura, who wears four layers and doesn't shiver in the sun.

("Laura cold" subsequently becomes comfortable when Laura is likewise able to remove her additional layers and dress in one top and one bottom like a normal person. This happens at approximately 30 degrees centigrade.)

It also appears that the uni has made its first payment towards the Nikon D90 I expect to own by Christmas. Meaning that I've been paid for half a semester of teaching and am currently looking at the cost of celebratory autumn flights to Alice Springs...

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