Sunday, April 24, 2011


Is not a common topic of conversation among most Aussies of my acquaintance. Except for at the pub or sometimes the lunch table, but then it's a context that is hardly befitting of the Son of God.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered evidence of religion at the Easter Show. You see, as far as I can tell, the only relation the show has to Easter is the fact that they happen at the same time of year. I was on the look-out when I went, but there was not an Easter bunny to be found, let alone a chocolate egg or jelly bean. The Aussies seem to treat Easter the same way they treat Christmas and Anzac Day and most Friday nights - as an opportunity to pull out the BBQ or head down to the pub for a few beers with your mates.

Queuing at the Woolies taste testing dome, when we got to the grilling station, the lady in front of me said, "Ooooh, on Good Friday, really? No sausage for me; just steak, thanks."

The Noah's Arks are all cakes, by the way. Artfully done and arranged among the dragons, SpongeBobs, jars of Vegemite and various other entries in the cake decorating contests. Many of which were incredible.

The displays were surrounded by plexiglass, which made taking good photos difficult, but is understandable given the circumstances.

Constructing a cake replica of the Last Supper is blasphemous enough. What would you do if you found a cockroach nibbling Jesus's nose?

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