Sunday, January 29, 2012

27 years

I haven't written a poem since perhaps tenth grade English.  It's not my style.  But I saw online a bunch of people have been trying their hand at versions of this, and it seemed like fun.  Mine is arguably more of a list than a poem anyway.

Where I'm from

I am from sunshine
And snow
Steel grey clouds in the west and 24 inches by morning
I am from the long, low blast of lake freighters at dawn
Fishing for pinheads
And wild blueberries alongside unpaved roads

I am from "pretend" and "possibilities"
Fairies in the garden; elves among the tree roots
Vacant houses with a lifeless face in the upstairs window and, always, a story to tell
I am from mayflies coating the house on rainy mornings that have to be rescued before they drown
Mittens on strings, peanut butter picnics in homemade igloos
And one-two-three-four-dribble-pass-shoot-score under blue autumn skies

I am from map games at the dinner table
Math equations on restaurant napkins
Reddy Fox, Bobby Coon, Sammy Jay
And rabbit walks at dusk
I am from naturalization ceremonies and airport introductions
Double, double, toil and trouble in a bathtub; one black head, one brown, one blond

I am from fear
Butterflies keeping me awake at night
Sweet and low, Peace attend thee, Froggie did a-courting go
I am from lying on my back in a bright yellow kayak, watching the clouds go by

I am from ten fingers that can't stop moving
The smell of eucalyptus after rain
I am from buttertarts on the first and apple pie on the fourth;
Plum pudding in flames, an orange in the toe of your stocking

I am from an anechoic chamber and hearing with the mind's ear
Wiggling bundles of fur, one brown, one grey, pouring out love at the end of the day
I am from a well-used passport, soft around the edges
Windy nights

I am from rising early tomorrow morning so I don't miss a thing.

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