Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing up

I've had several dreams in the past week that I'd rather not have had. One involved a postdoc application. Another involved something that desperately needed to be added to Chapter 5 - I still haven't remembered what it was.

I'm not panicked yet. Still working steadily even though my brain is getting tired. My head has been aching for two days.

I've discovered that being in the final writing-up stage of your PhD entitles you to special privileges, like being absent-minded, avoiding social activities, and sitting hunched at your computer all day with the door closed, the lights off, and your hood up.

No, staring at a computer screen without the lights on was not the cause of my headache. That was the chapter on musical expertise and memory.

It was a rough weekend. Around 5pm last night I finally started making progress and wrote a couple sentences without deleting them. Then I looked out my window and saw this:

Figure 1. A promise of life post-thesis?

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