Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life After Thesis: Day 1

Clearly, this sleeping thing is not going to work. I woke up from some sort of horrendous nightmare just before six, and since I was just tossing and turning and mentally listing all the things I might want to do today, I figured I might as well get up and do them. My plans have been momentarily thwarted by the fact that the library doesn't open till ten, however, and I don't think my neighbours would appreciate Beethoven at this hour. 

Maybe I will do laundry and clean my room instead. Ooh, and then I can pack for my trip. Perhaps I will wander to the shops and have a look at hiking boots. And puzzles. I feel like I could spend a couple of cognitively-undemanding hours doing a puzzle today. I'll give Pi a good chase around the flat. I might be up to a movie; we'll see. I should be able to squeeze in kung fu as well. So many things!  I'd best get started with celebratory bacon and eggs.

God, I am awful at relaxing. 

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