Sunday, September 02, 2012

Early Mornings

Somehow, in this post-thesis life, I have started turning up to work earlier than ever before. I have been catching the 7:04 train a few days a week and rocking up at 7:50am.

I don’t particularly like waking up at 6:15 most mornings, but I do like getting to work before 8:00. I love arriving to find the place still dark and deserted. I enjoy the quietness and the knowledge that I have an hour to work on my own bits and pieces, at my own pace, before other people start turning up.

On these early mornings, I make some tea and toast up a cheese and Vegemite sandwich after I get to work. Then I take my prohibited heater out of hiding, and I spend a quiet hour responding to emails, working on postdoc applications, doing readings, prepping for teaching – things I’m not paid to do between 9 and 5, and, I have discovered, will not do if I leave them till the end of the day.

I’ve become very bad at doing things at the end of the day. Did you know that it’s possible to fall asleep on the kung fu floor? I’ve had a few close calls in recent days. It’s the kind of fatigue that has your muscles feeling weak and your body feeling numb and your eyes struggling to stay open – and this is not ideal when there are fists and feet flying towards your face.

I’ve been so exhausted that it’s taken me an entire week to get around to doing this with the red ribbon I acquired last weekend:

"But...but...but...why me?" asked Pi.

"Shh," I said. "Now sit still and smile for the camera, and I'll give you a hair elastic to chase."

Such a good sport. In non-work related activities, I went to see Total Recall last week on cheap Tuesday and was delighted to find that it featured old U of T, this time masquerading as a secret rebel hideout in post-apocalyptic London. I giggled my way through the firefight that was shot in the foyer of Knox College, because if I wanted to film a scene of evil violence, I would use the theology college too. I also tested for my green belt last weekend. I was allowed to skip orange stripe no. 2 because I'm awesome and had a good excuse for missing the last grading (thesis). And I've been invited to another wedding. Internet, what does cocktail dress mean?

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