Friday, September 23, 2005

a day in the life of bish game

1. wake up to the sweet sounds of crashing concrete and grinding engines at 7am
2. for once, there is food for breakfast. move one space.
3. furthermore, it is recognized by the greater public as breakfast food. eat with a soup ladle for lack of spoon and move an extra space.
4. check e-mail and discover that your camp director, who you wrote to for a reference three days ago, still has not responded. vent in frustration. move back 2 spaces.
5. carry out funeral arrangements for printer. lose a turn while in mourning.
6. check e-mail for 36th time today. when there is still no response, throw fist through wall and return to start.
7. depart in pursuit of printer. pick up a 'dude! there's fanta in the fridge! card'.
8. carry 40lb printer home from staples. lose 2 turns while stumbling down university with a box roughly the size of a small whale.
9. arrive at annesley with shaking arms and discover that your key is broken. in half. move back 4 spaces.
10. unpack printer and deceipher instructions that are obviously for a assembling a car or something. discover that the printer guy lied and you needed to buy an extra cable after all.
11. have you used your 'dude! there's fanta in the fridge! card' yet?
12. go to (another) nerd meeting and win a $30 book describing the 162 best medical schools. sweetness. take an extra turn.
13. mad party with neurophysiology. whip those action potentials into shape.
14. la fin. you win!

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kt said...

you ARE aware that you pay $2500 a year for a meal plan, right?

just checking.