Saturday, September 24, 2005

I reached a new level of nerdom today. hutchie and I went to a night lecture given by a theoretical physicist and laughed at the astronomy jokes he made. here is what I learned: one, it is no longer politically correct to say 'dwarf stars'. call them mass challenged. and two, gravity is only a theory. the next time you find yourself at the top of a cliff, keep that in mind.

then we came home and invented marshmellow pancakes - which, by the way, are fantastic, especially when eaten with maple syrup and your fingers.

my brother is seventeen today. I miss the little booger with the wrap-around-the-ear glasses who used to hug everyone he met and wake me up at four in the morning to read to him. but I love the older version too. tie your little brother up in a sack. happy birthday, geoff!


Mere said...

Marhmellow pancakes? never would have thought of something like that and I'm stuck wondering what levels of food deprived insanity you need to reach for your brain to conceive of that unholy union.


bishi said...

massive sigh. it takes a level of ingenuity far above that of the pitiful human race. I wouldn't expect the rest of the world to understand.

kt said...

zing! this bish has claws!

call me, takoyaro.