Friday, October 14, 2005

I had to take off my sunshine necklace today. it was getting pretty grody. one of the last remnants of summer is now stuffed in a drawer with the extra pens and post-its. I miss the smell of the forest and the unpaved roads and singing over hot dogs at lunch. I even miss putting screaming children to bed, and I would do anything to turn up to breakfast tomorrow unshowered, wearing the exact same thing I wore today, and complaining about how many times I had to get up during the night to rescue spiders and console homesick kids.

do you ever get the feeling that life is moving too fast? a few months and the year is over, gone forever except for a few dozen pictures and a shoebox under your bed. another school year, another summer. time used to move slowly. nothing used to change. make a new friend today, and you'll be passing notes in the back of the classroom next year.

I wish it would STOP. just for a few minutes. give me time to catch my breath and memorize this place before I move on. today, I woke up and opened a textbook; 40 pages of neuroanatomy and a game of volleyball later and it's already tomorrow. the train is moving too fast. do you watch the world rush by outside the window, stick your head out the back end, or run up front to see where it's headed?


kt said...

i'd probably get mowed down by it as i stood in front of it, dazed and confused.

but that's just me.

Molly said...

awww, i really didn't like removing my bear hemp either... you've got me in a summer days trance... remembering trying not to pee my pants laughing at pi and chipper as they piggy-backed our girls across the lake... sigh... it should slow down... want to climb a mountain with me? Let's make plans! We've got to catch this life by the seams before it scatters into oblivion!