Saturday, October 15, 2005

you know you're from buffalo when...

1. you design your halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
2. half the change in your pocket is canadian.
3. you go to niagara falls for the outlet shopping, not for the falls itself.
4. you give directions using long-closed or renamed restaurants or stores as landmarks.
5. you get mad when you get stuck in 'rush hour' traffic and it takes you 10 minutes longer to get home.
6. your parents ever threatened to send you to father baker's.
7. a "family restaurant" means "the olympus", "the acropolis", or "the agean", not denny's.
8. you have ever feasted on real chicken wings (not "buffalo wings"), beef on weck, or salen's hot dogs... and washed it down with loganberry juice.
9. you can correctly pronounce tonawanda, cheektowaga, and scajaquada.
10. you were amazed when you found out that new york shares a long border with vermont.
11. you were even more amazed when you learned that new york borders quebec.
12. you think nothing of crossing an international border for chinese food.
13. you slam on the brakes and slow to a crawl whenever you see the 'village of kenmore' sign.
14. you wince when someone uses the abbreviation "OJ".
15. the rest of the country is snowbound in the worst blizzard of the century, but you still have to walk to school.


kt said...
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kt said...

16. you write this list from scratch 'cause you're avoiding your homework.

Molly said...

so i have off for the next 4 days... can you get me a cheap bus ticket? that list is hilarious.. but i have to agree with your friend kt. you probably are avoiding something. You know my number! and if not, email me or something and ill get it to you... better yet, ill call you tomorrow, the 18th. MISS YA more than chickenless salad! (so that's gotta be something!)