Monday, November 21, 2005

the buzzer sounds, and they're off! vic's number 15 passes the ball back, and the defenseman chips it over skule's forward line. number 5 tries to grab it - and misses! now skule's got the ball. 38 hits it forward to 19, who lunges and - oh! that must have hurt. vic grabs possession, but 19 is on his feet again and steals it back. he passes forward, the ball rushes past vic's defense, and skule's 200 lb. number 24 is on a breakaway! he's sprinting down the rink - he's almost there, and vic's 118 lb. keeper starts running towards him. she dives at the ball - he dives at her - and oh god! that can't be good. it looks like vic's keeper has flown through the air and landed with her ribcage on number 24's helmet!

I proudly bear my most recent battle wounds: two new purple knees, bump on the elbow, bloody hand, and massively bruised ribcage. and I could play broomball every day for the rest of my life.


kt said...

i find your snow pictures deeply offensive. i think you should remove them immediately.

also, you're insane.

bishi said...

I'm happy to hear that. Offending you was my intention. Stay tuned for the Christmas variety.

kt said...

*screams in agony*