Thursday, November 24, 2005

happy thanksgiving!

in the land of the free and the home of the brave, thanksgiving merits a four-day holiday greeted with an enthusiasm matched only by christmas and election day. it is a time to dress up as pilgrims, tune into the football game, and start listening to the radio for winter storm warnings. today, I am particularly thankful for - among other things - snow, my beautifully functioning heater, last night's 6-hour hibernation, and all the food I'm going to eat in the next few days that was not made at burwash.

this weekend I'm going to pack 72 hours into 48 with a soccer tournament, free lunch with the parental units, two papers, I don't know how many pages of reading because I'm not going to count that high, and thanksgiving dinner, rez-style.

so crack a mayflower joke, toss the football around, and give that digestive system a workout!


hutchie said...

you didn't tell me you had a blog!!! hmph.

you seem to have forgotten, most spectacular concert. hmph.

why isn't there a link to my blog? (sure it hasn't been updated in a year.. but that's not the point). hmph.

6.5 hours to morning... and counting. sigh.

hutchie said...

ps. the blog is pretty